Historia de la Asociación

The Latin American Association of Gastric Cancer (ALAGC) was founded on December the 2nd, 2014 during the 2nd Pan American Gastric Cancer Congress in Punta Del Este, Uruguay.

The idea of bringing together physicians and health professionals from all over Latin America interested in sharing knowledge about the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Gastric Cancer began at the 1st Pan-American Gastric Cancer Congress held in Brazil in 2012. The 1st PanGastric was marked by the participation of great icons on Stomach Cancer research. With the participation of members of the International Association of Gastric Cancer (IGCA), further aroused the desire to create a society that is reference on this affection.

During the 11th International Congress of Gastric Cancer, with the presence of experts from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, the first meeting was held to create and approve the foundation of the "new society" called the Latin American Gastric Cancer Association, Chapter of the International Association of Gastric Cancer.

With the presence of representatives of most Latin American countries, this idealization was fulfilled at the 2nd PanGastric, held in Uruguay. On this occasion, the General Ordinary Assembly stablished the foundation of the ALACG and the election of its first board of directors.

The 3rd PanGastric was held in Santiago - Chile, where, once again, the specialists from different areas such as oncologists, endoscopists, pathologists and surgeons gathered together to understand more and more about the problems related to this disease and to help patients with this condition.

The stimulus created by the union of the participants of these entities allowed throughout this trajectory to create in Brazil, through the Brazilian Association of Gastric Cancer, the Day of the Awareness on Gastric Cancer serving as a population alert. The intention is to bring information and updates on this disease. New meetings and discussions should be pursued internationally to raise awareness and progress in the attention of this prevalent illness.

Nevertheless, the pioneering spirit that has always stimulated the members of these associations continues. It is already scheduled the 4th Pan American Congress of Gastric Cancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2018.

We believe in this way to stimulate increasingly those interested in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this disease to get together to achieve better outcomes.

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